Keo Scientific designs and manufactures a wide range of highly sensitive optical instrumentation for upper atmospheric research, such as All-Sky Imagers, Fabry-Pérot Interferometers, Spectrographs and Photometers.

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Filter by Category
Optical Design
When it comes to studying the Auroras, Airglow, and other low-light-level phenomena, we know that every single photon...
Keo Scientific Calibration Product
Keo Scientific can provide full absolute spectral calibration and characterization of imagers, photometers, and spec...
Keo Scientific Product Installation
Installation and Training
Keo personnel have (combined) decades of hands-on experience deploying optical instrumentation in the field, often in...
Scientific lens
Tunable Multi-Spectral All-sky Imager
In November of 2009, Keo Scientific Ltd. teamed up with Dr. Fred Sigernes of the UNIS Kjell Henriksen Observatory, Sv...
Scientific lens
Imager Refurbishment
Keo Scientific, with our predecessor Keo Consultants, have provided imagers to the airglow and auroral community sinc...
Keo Scientific Products
Surplus Optics
Over the years we have accumulated a wide variety of hard-to-find compound lenses (such as Rodenstock, Delft, and Kow...
Scientific lens
Custom Lens Elements
We can have lens elements custom-ground and coated to your unique specifications using our network of custom optics m...
Interference Filters
We can provide imaging-quality narrowband (and wideband) interference filters custom-made to both function optimally ...