Arinae FPI

Keo Scientific’s Arinae Fabry-Pérot Interferometers (FPIs) use narrow, pointable field-of-views to determine lower thermospheric temperatures and wind vectors. The FPI is available in several different sizes, specified by the diameter of the etalon’s aperture. Currently, we offer 70mm and 100mm versions although larger versions are possible if desired. 

Arinae-70 Arinae-100
Etalon Aperture Diameter [mm] 70 100
Wind Error [m/s] < 3-5 < 2-4
Temperature Error [K] 15-20 9-12
Field of View [deg] 2.5 2.5
Unrestricted Pointing

Field-of-view pointing is achieved using a Keo SkyScan articulated mirror assembly which allows for pointing the FPI’s narrow field-of-view to any point in the sky.

Razor Sharp Fringe Patterns

Our custom apochromatic lens provides unparalleled flatness and sharpness to the fringe patterns.

Automatic Calibration

All FPI systems include a stabilized 632.8nm HeNe laser source and diffusing panel which is used for collection of laser calibration images during routine observations.

Etalon Thermal Stability

The etalon is thermally stabilized above ambient temperature to +/-0.02 C over 1 hour.

Highly Sensitive CCDs

Standard FPI systems are provided with a back-thinned, deep-cooled 13.3mm CCD but can be customized with EMCCDs or larger CCDs to increase SNR.

Automated Instrument Control

Ephemerides-driven A3O instrument control & data acquisition software package is pre-installed and thoroughly tested on the provided computer system. 

Manuals, Brochures, & More


Arinae FPI AGU 2019 Poster

Arinae FPI Deployment and Operations Manual

Arinae FPI Datasheet

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