Zodiac Patrol

The Keo Scientific Zodiac grism-based All-Sky Spectrograph may be considered to be a solid-state Meridian Scanning Photometer (MSP), in that it images the spectrum along the entire 180-degree meridian, at all zenith angles and all wavelengths simultaneously, with no moving parts.

Ultra-Fast All-sky Imaging

A fisheye lens provides up to f/0.95 effective imaging (full 180-degree meridian coverage, horizon-to-horizon)

Spectral Coverage and Resolution

Designed to provide a spectral range of approximately 375 nm to 750 nm with better than 1nm resolution. This can be customized to meet your needs as required.

Reliable and Safe Operation

A high-reliability capping shutter acts as a bright-light protection mechanism to protect filters from solar exposure during daytime.

Powered by Synopticx Software

The included GUI-based Synopticx automatic ephemerides-driven instrument control & data acquisition Windows software ensures a truly ‘turn-key’ solution. Linux instrument control software (command-line based imaging daemon) available upon request.

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Zodiac Brochure

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