The Keo Arges-VF is a highly sensitive photon-counting photometer like the Arges but has a variable field-of-view. Keo Scientific Arges/Arges-VF photometers are specifically designed with quantitative studies of sub-visual emissions from auroras and atmospheric airglow in mind.

Unlike the filter wheels in our imager products, the filter wheel on the Arges photometer is both heated and cooled. This allows for operation in ambient temperatures both cooler and warmer than the recommended filter temperature.

Fast All-Sky Imaging

Up to f/1.6 effective imaging through narrow-band interference filters.

Heated and Cooled Filterwheel

The filter wheel is both heated and cooled.

Reliable and Safe Operation

A high-reliability capping shutter acts as a bright-light protection mechanism to protect filters and photocathode from solar exposure during daytime.

Powered by Synopticx Software

The included GUI-based Synopticx automatic ephemerides-driven instrument control & data acquisition Windows software ensures a truly ‘turn-key’ solution. Linux instrument control software (command-line based imaging daemon) available upon request.

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