Imager Refurbishment

Keo Scientific, with our predecessor Keo Consultants, have provided imagers to the airglow and auroral community since 1991. Many of these imagers are still functioning well in the field, even after several decades of nightly operation, a testament to the high quality of engineering. Sensor technology is however rapidly evolving, with ever deeper cooling and better sensitivities. A fundamental design  philosophy of ours is that Keo optics should outlast the sensor. We therefore have the capability to mechanically fit existing (‘legacy’) Keo telecentric optics to more modern sensors (CCD, EMCCD, CMOS), thusly replacing the original (now obsolete) sensor. 

Also, after decades in the field, your filter wheel drivetrain may require some attention, shutters may need to be replaced, and internal optics may require cleaning. 

Contact Keo Scientific for any imager refurbishment and tune-up needs.