The Keo Sentry-SWIR is a new, state-of-the-art compact SWIR imager. Its design is based on the field-proven Keo Sentry line of visible and near infrared all-sky imagers that have been operational for decades in aeronomy and auroral research. 

While designed for use as a Mesospheric Thermal Mapper (MTM) imager, the Sentry-SWIR is equally suitable for observing other airglow/auroral emissions in the SWIR. 

Note: This imager is classified as export controlled and as such may be subject to export restrictions to your country. Contact Keo Scientific to find out more and to determine if you will be subject to such restrictions.

Ultra-Fast All-Sky Imaging

Up to f/1 effective all-sky imaging through narrow-band interference filters.

Flexible Filter Configurations

Available with a 6- or 8-position filterwheel, or with a single-filter drawer.

Reliable and Safe Operation

A high-reliability capping shutter acts as a bright-light protection mechanism to protect filters from solar exposure during daytim

Powered by Synopticx Software

The included GUI-based Synopticx automatic ephemerides-driven instrument control & data acquisition Windows software ensures a truly ‘turn-key’ solution. Linux instrument control software (command-line based imaging daemon) available upon request.

Manuals, Brochures, & More


Sentry-SWIR MTM AGU 2021 Poster

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