The Keo Sentry is the classic workhorse of all-sky auroral and airglow imaging. These imagers have been produced and deployed worldwide since the early 1990s. This highly sensitive instrument is field-proven and robust, ideal for autonomous operation and deployment at remote locations.  

There are two main classes of the Keo Sentry. The Sentry3 leverages 3-inch diameter optics/filters and the Keo Sentry4 uses 4-inch diameter optics/filters. Sensitivity scales with the diameter of the optics and the size of the imaging sensor.  In general, Sentry3 is preferred for auroral studies, while the Sentry4 is uniquely suited for sub-visual airglow studies. 

Through careful optical design, all-sky imaging at speeds as fast as f/0.95 is achieved through narrow-band interference filters. The instrument can be fitted with a variety of deep-cooled scientific-grade imaging sensors.

Ultra-Fast All-Sky Imaging

Up to f/0.95 effective all-sky imaging through narrow-band interference filters.

Flexible Filter Configurations

Available with a 6- or 8-position filterwheel, or with a single-filter drawer.

Reliable and Safe Operation

A high-reliability capping shutter acts as a bright-light protection mechanism to protect filters from solar exposure during daytime.

Powered by Synopticx Software

The included GUI-based Synopticx automatic ephemerides-driven instrument control & data acquisition Windows software ensures a truly ‘turn-key’ solution. Linux instrument control software (command-line based imaging daemon) available upon request.

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