KeoRio (Multi-Channel RIOMETER)

Keo Scientific’s KeoRio Multi-Channel RIOMETER couples a simple temperature-stabilized RF front-end with an SDR-based sampler. This configuration reduces gain fluctuations and instability to negligible levels, even for fine-structure absorption studies. Our riometer is agile and robust, meeting all the requirements of radio-based ionospheric science in the noisy modern world.

Many years in the making, Keo Scientific’s riometer may be considered a ‘next-generation’ riometer. Our unique approach means that new features can be implemented entirely as software updates that can be installed remotely, a benefit not enjoyed by traditional analog riometers.

Agile and Robust

Our Linux-based SDR riometer can be reconfigured through software updates.

Simple Temperature Stabilized Front-End

The RF front-end provides only enough gain to drive our SDR-sampler and is temperature stabilized, both of which reduce inherent gain fluctuations and reduce instability to negligible levels.

Field Proven Antenna

The Riometer uses a Modified Long Wavelength Array (LWA) Active Crossed-Dipole Antenna

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KeoRio Brochure