A clamshell-type front shutter which serves to product the primary lens of your Keo Scientific imager from exposure to solar radiation during daytime. The clamshell fully retracts when open, leaving an all-sky (fisheye) field of view unobscured. 

The Keo SunShield was specifically designed for use with our Keo Sentry3 and Sentry4 scientific imagers but can be adapted to other instruments if desired. It is also designed to fit under our BK7 observation dome while still allowing full 180-degree fisheye field of view.

Effective Lens Protection

Protects all-sky lenses from exposure to harmful solar radiation during daytime by reflecting sunlight back out of the dome, away from the instrument.

Reliable and Safe

Solenoid driven linkage system, for long-term reliability. Solenoid is also equipped with a heatsink and temperature sensor to protect from possible overheating.

Powered by Synopticx Software

Integrated into Keo Synopticx application software to automatically close at the end of each night.

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SunShield Brochure



Synopticx Data Acquisition Software



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