Interference Filters

We can provide imaging-quality narrowband (and wideband) interference filters custom-made to both function optimally within the optical column of our instruments and to meet your particular scientific needs. Filters can be manufactured anywhere in the 400-900 nm range for our visible instruments or 900-1,700 nm for our SWIR instruments.

Some popular center wavelengths (CWLs) and bandwidths (FWHMs) are:

  • 427.8 nm CWL x 3.0 nm FWHM
  • 557.7 nm CWL x 2.0 nm FWHM
  • 630.0 nm CWL x 2.0 nm FWHM 
  • 777.4 nm CWL x 2.0 nm FWHM
  • 865.0 nm CWL x 10.0 nm FWHM

Optically, each filter is custom-made to function optimally within the optical column of our instruments, taking into account the particular ray angles impacting the filter (as required by our proprietary optical design) and the temperature at which the filter will operate. 

Mechanically, our filters are designed to fit securely within the multi-filter wheels and single-filter drawers found on our instruments. 

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