Three Year Limited Warranty

Keo Scientific Ltd. (Keo) warrants this product (see Exclusions below) to meet published functional specifications and to be free of defects in materials and workmanship as defined in the specifications with a 3 years Keo Scientific Warranty starting from the date of original shipment from Keo. During this time, Keo will arrange to have the product repaired or replaced without charge to you. You must return the instrument to Keo for inspection and assessment. You are only responsible for shipping costs to return the product.


The warranty does not cover:

  1. Damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care, subjecting the product to any but the specified electrical service, other than normal and ordinary use of the product, subjecting the product to abnormal working conditions or any other failure not resulting from defects in materials or workmanship. Keo Scientific instruments are intended for indoor use only, in a climate-controlled (HVAC) environment. 
  2. Damage resulting from modification, tampering with or attempted repair by anyone other than Keo Scientific Ltd.
  3. Re-calibration of the device.
  4. Damage to the primary lens due to prolonged exposure to the Sun. Always take steps to protect your primary lens. Please contact Keo Scientific for advice. 
  5. Damage due to water/humidity as a result of a cracked or insufficiently weather-proofed/sealed observing dome.
  6. Computer equipment (if ordered). The warranty of the computer manufacturer applies.

Anodizing Fading

It is normal for the external anodization black color of the machined housings to fade over time, if exposed to solar radiation for prolonged periods of time (on the order of 3+ years). This will not affect instrument operation and may be considered a cosmetic issue only.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

  1. Contact Keo Scientific by email to obtain support under Warranty. 
  2. Deliver, mail, or ship the product to the Keo Scientific Ltd. main office, following instructions provided by Keo Scientific as to insurance and customs’ related valuation.

You must pay any postage, shipping charges, insurance costs, and other expenses to return the product to Keo Scientific, Calgary, Canada. However, if the Warranty covers the necessary repairs, Keo will pay the return shipping charges to the original destination. 

You must ship the product back to Keo in the original shipping container.

Contact Information

Keo Scientific’s main office is located at the following address:

Keo Scientific Ltd.
Suite 430, 11979 40 Street SE
Calgary AB T2Z 4M3

Tel: +1 (403) 452-7222
Email: [email protected]