SkyScan articulated first-surface mirror assemblies provide 360-degree azimuth and zenith scanning of the sky via dual high-reflectance, first-surface mirrors. Available in several standard sizes (custom sizes available upon request), they are suitable for use with instrumentation such as photometers, narrow-field imagers, Fabry-Pérot Interferometers (FPIs), or any narrow-field instrumentation. 

Fast and Repeatable 

Fast, repeatable, high-precision pointing and scanning is achieved using high-quality servo-motors coupled with low-backlash gearboxes and belting. The response of the Keo Scientific SkyScan is smooth, quick, and stable, with no overshoot or residual position error. 

Continuous Rotation

Electrical slip rings for both power and communication allow for continuous (>360-degree) rotation around both azimuth and zenith axes.

Easy to Control

The SkyScan is controllable from any computer via USB and Windows control software is included. Controlling the SkyScan from your own software is easy with the built-in, basic serial communication protocol.

Manuals, Brochures, & More


SkyScan User Manual

SkyScan Software Manual

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