Tunable Multi-Spectral All-sky Imager

In November of 2009, Keo Scientific Ltd. teamed up with Dr. Fred Sigernes of the UNIS Kjell Henriksen Observatory, Svalbard, Norway, Dr. Yuri Fedorenko and his team at the Russian Polar Geophysical Institute, as well as Dr. Yuriy Ivanov on a research project called The Norwegian and Russian Upper Atmosphere Co-Operation on Svalbard Part 2 (NORUSCA II). This Norwegian-Russian collaboration is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

An important component of NORUSCA-II involved designing a compact but sensitive all-sky imager suitable for auroral studies, a component Keo Scientific provided a significant amount of input to. 

The imager accepts a 35 mm diameter interference filter (or a Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter) and is eminently suitable for panchromatic or filtered observations of aurora, twilight/dawn phenomena, stratospheric clouds, and meteor observations.

An instrument paper was published in 2011 on the design [Sigernes_et_al_NORUSCAII_Optics_express.pdf], and a paper on the calibration of the imager [gi-3-241-2014.pdf] was published in 2014.

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A New Auroral Hyperspectral All-Sky Camera

Auroral All-Sky Camera Calibration (gi-3-241-2014)