KEO SCIENTIFIC has teamed up with The University of Calgary’s Auroral Imaging Group to make available to the community at large their RED-LINE EMISSION GEOSPACE OBSERVATORY (REGO) all-sky imaging system. Although originally targeted specifically at the 630 nm emission, the design is fundamentally optimized across a wide range of the visible spectrum and may therefore be applied to other emissions as well, from 427.8 nm and well into the NIR. Note that due to the unusually tight integration between custom optics and proprietary thin-film filter technology, this imager cannot be equipped with a filter wheel; it is a highly optimized single-wavelength imager. For multispectral work, multiple REGO imagers may be co-deployed (or, our Keo Sentry line of filterwheel-based imagers may be used wherever non-coincident exposures are acceptable). 

The REGO all-sky airglow/auroral imager system is a fully independent, turn-key, easily fielded, single-wavelength remote imaging system that was developed under a Canada Foundation for Innovation grant at the University of Calgary in 2014. The REGO system was specifically designed to operate alongside other Canadian auroral instrumentation at remote sites and provide key information about redline (630 nm) aurora from the polar cap to subauroral locations. Now operated in part under a Canadian Space Agency contribution agreement, the array is currently (2018) in its fourth successful imaging season. 

The complete REGO electro-optical system design was transferred to Keo Scientific Ltd. for commercialization under a special License Agreement in August of 2017.

The REGO System was developed by the University of Calgary Auroral Imaging Group team under Canada Foundation for Innovation funding. Keo Scientific Ltd. wishes to especially thank Drs. Eric Donovan and Emma Spanswick for their kind cooperation during this Technology Transfer, a process facilitated by Innovate Calgary. Sample REGO redline data courtesy of Dr. Donovan et al.

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