Synopticx Data Acquisition Software

Keo Synopticx instrument control software provides an easy-to-use instrument control interface for automated data acquisition operations with Keo Scientific instrumentation. When used together (Synopticx and instrumentation system), they form an easy to use, highly versatile data acquisition system.

Through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), Synopticx allows you to define a data acquisition schedule which will be used for automated capture of data. This involves coordinating the selection of the proper filter, setting the proper exposure settings, and shutter operation. Optionally, the positions of the Sun and Moon can be used to automatically start and stop data acquisition when certain position thresholds are exceeded.

Key Features: Keo Scientific Synoptix Software

Intuitive GUI-based Application

Synopticx is a Windows-only GUI application.

Flexible Acquisition Schedule

Data acquisition can be scheduled in either free-run mode or synchronized mode.

Reliable Operation

Synopticx is designed to run autonomously for months/years at a time.

Compatible with Most Keo Instruments

Works with Keo Sentry and Scout imagers, Zodiac spectrographs, and Arges photometers.


Instrument Compatibility Since
Sentry Imager 2004+
Scout Imager 2018+
Arges Photometer 2015+
Arges-VF Photometer 2015+
Zodiac Spectrograph 2021+
SunShield 2015+



  • Application crash when opening schedule dialog when acquisitions have exposure times greater than 1 minute.
  • Several issues affecting Teledyne Princeton Instruments cameras:
    • External shutter not closing when initially connected or manually stopped when using `Always Open` option.
    • Some settings (setpoint in particular) being overridden if connected without opening Instrument Settings.
  • Opening Instrument Settings would temporarily reset temperature setpoint to default rather than staying at current setpoint.


  • Teledyne Princeton Instruments cameras without shutter timing limits causing application crash when closing the Instrument Settings dialog


  • Reverted NIRvana accumulating charge fixes from 1.4.26 because they were not effective


  • Option for Teledyne Princeton Instruments cameras to disable cooling when idle (during day).
  • Synchronized schedule period options to allow for schedules of length greater than 60 seconds. Upon starting a synchronized schedule, Synopticx will wait for the start of the next period to being acquisition. For example, with a period of 5min, if Synopticx starts running at 19:31, it will wait until 19:35 to begin acquisition.


  • Some Teledyne Princeton Instruments camara settings are not saved properly if settings dialog closed with keyboard.
  • NIRvana cameras accumulating charge between acquisitions with same exposure time.


  • Photometer data files failing to append to existing files
  • Log filenames using local time instead of UTC time when rolling over


  • Support for new class5 filterwheel firmware (v1.2)


  • Application crash when closing continuous/acquire settings dialogs if there’s no camera in the system (e.g. Arges photometers).
  • Error when saving instrument settings for Arges photometers.

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Synopticx User Manual

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